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A note from Jamie
Look, I get it. Some dude you don't know are asking you for all this information...

Alarm bells must be ringing, I do that NOT to be creepy, or to sell your information or anything like that.

I just need to make sure you are the right fit for this Amazon thing.

No need to waste your time if it's not a good fit right?

The truth is, I started an Amazon FBA business 4 years ago from my kitchen table. 

I am just a normal family guy who now run a 6-figure Amazon FBA business and teach others how to do it too. 

Still skeptical?

Take a quick second to fill out that survey, we will jump on a call and discuss! If you still don't trust me then you can be on your way. 

Zero pressure. 100% transparency.

Thanks for taking the time to take this step towards a better future.

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